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Whitley City Elementary Library Media Center


Whitley City Elementary
Library Media Center
Mission Statement

The mission of our library media program is to provide students and teachers with easy access to information while encouraging students to analyze information critically.  Our library media center is the hub of the educational program and serves as a resource center, a teaching center, a service and computing center, and a center for recreational reading.  Our program supports the mission, goals, objectives, and continuous improvement of the school.

The resource and service center functions of the library media center provide a place for teachers and students to gather information in a variety of formats.  Teachers will find print and non-print materials and resources to use as an integral part of their curriculum.  Students will find a wealth of information in print sources as well as on the Internet to help them reach their full potential in completing assignments.  The media center staff is always readily available to assist teachers or students in accessing information.

The library media center staff of Whitley City Elementary School is committed to fostering a love of reading and learning.  Our center is essential to our school and provides an inviting place for students to pursue their interests in reading, literature, and learning.